Sheryl Cavanagh

Sheryl Cavanagh began making whips in the late 1980’s under Master Whip Maker Brian Nemeth, a 4th generation whip maker.

Brian and his family have been maintaining and developing the family Whip Making tradition since 1968.

Sheryl specialises in making Red Hide Stock Whips, and prides herself on having firmly plaited thongs with traditionally tied falls and keepers to make a durable, long wearing whip perfect for any work situation.

The 8 plait Red Hide Bull Whip is another in our range being made by Sheryl.

Sheryl is also making our range of Kangaroo Hide Bullwhips.

Using the best quality leather available in the market with techniques handed down over 150 years Sheryl can consistently produce a high quality whip just for you.

"A craft shared is a craft preserved"