Australian Stock Whips

Australian Stock Whips.

The Australian stockwhip is said to have originated from the English hunting whip, but has evolved into an entirely new type of whip.
It was designed to move mobs of cattle, by making it crack, which would encourage the mob to keep moving.

Throughout Australia stockmen and drovers have used the stockwhip since the early 19th century and it is still the preferred whip used by Australian cattlemen and women today.

Whip Shed Stock Whips are made to the designs developed by Brian Nemeth over 40 years of whip making.

Red Hide Stock Whips
Stock Whips are the most popular style of whip in Australia, Stockmen on horseback prefer them because they can be hung over their shoulder when not in use.
Red Hide Stock Whips are very robust and will take a lot of wear and tear.

Birdsall Leather Red Hide
Using premium grade Australian hides, Birdsall Leather produces an Authentic Red hide leather specifically designed for Whip making.
Engineered on an Alum tanned process and hand greased for a consistent finish, this leather is highly regarded within the Whip making industry of Australia.