Australian Stock Whips

The Australian stockwhip is said to have originated from the English hunting whip, but has evolved into an entirely new type of whip.

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Stockwhip Introduction

The purpose of the Stockwhip is to assist people who work with cattle either on horseback or in cattle yards on properties and stations (ranches).

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Stock Whip Design

To successfully master the art cracking, a person must first understand exactly what makes a whip crack.

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Bull Whip Introduction

A bullwhip is a single-tailed whip, usually made of braided leather, which was originally used as a farmer's tool for working with livestock.

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Bull Whip Design

A bullwhip consists of a handle section, a thong, a fall, and a cracker. A wrist loop may also be present, although its chief purpose is for hanging one's whip on a hook.

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Types of Whips: a Comparison

Adam Winrich demonstrates the different types of whips

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